Create Properties with Constraints

Learn how to create properties with constraints, for example a range of set of values, using Python API.

ASRS - Layout

Automate Storage and Retrieval Systems

Learn how to build an automated storage and retrieval system using the ASRS library.


Simulate Universal Robots with RTDE Connection

Learn how to connect a Universal Robots controller with a 3D simulation. This includes teaching, simulating and post processing programs for collaborative robots (cobots).


Import and Combine Different CAD Files

Learn how to import geometry from different CAD files and move them into one component.


Teach a Path Statement

Learn how to teach a robot a path of positions by selecting edges and curves.


Import and Export Floorplans

Learn how to import and export 2D floorplans for building layouts in the 3D world.


Add a Gallery Menu

Learn how to create gallery/drop-down menus for Python add-ons.


Place Parts on Moving Objects

Learn how to teach a robot to pick moving parts and then place them on other moving objects.


Create and Edit Snippets

Learn how to create reusable code for Python scripts.


Record a Simulation as a Video

Learn how to record a simulation as a video as well as use a fly camera component and define the runtime of a simulation


Add and Edit Robot Variables

Learn how to add and edit local and global variables in a robot program using an Assign Variable statement.

Live Stream a Simulation

Live Stream a Simulation

Learn how to live stream a Visual Components 4.0 product on YouTube using OBS