Basics of Component Modeling

Using Visual Components Professional or Premium, you can model new components and create your own libraries of components. For example, you can import CAD files for machines, model them to simulate how they work, and then use them in different layouts to sell, visualize, integrate, and optimize factory solutions.

Component modeling is flexible. That is, there are many approaches to model a component from start to finish. You can keep things simple by using a component from our eCatalog as a template for modeling a new component, such as a robot. You can also use built-in wizards to speed up the modeling process. For example, we have tools that quickly make conveyors, positioners, IO devices, and robots production ready with a few clicks.

In this course, you learn the basics of modeling a component. You also develop an understanding of component data, its structure, and reusability.


DURATION: 3-5 Hours


Visual Components Professional or Premium.

This course is recommended for users new to 3D modeling and more experienced users that need to know how to use Visual Components authoring tools.