How to do Assemblies in Process Modeling

Product can be constructed from sub-parts which then is called an assembly. It can be a vehicle engine that includes an engine body, pistons, piston rods, etc. Or it can be a pallet with a pattern of boxes on the pallet. In Visual Components, assemblies are hierarchical structures of assembly steps. Each assembly step has a specified location compared to its parent step and contains a pattern of slots. A slot defines the default product type and the location for that product. Like product types, assemblies can be defined in the product type editor. The assembly editor can be launched from the pencil icon to the right of an assembly step.

In this course, you will learn how to create an assembly product type and add other products to this assembly product. You can manipulate the product using assembly template statements and remove or add sub-parts to your product.


DURATION: 3-5 hours


Visual Components Essentials

Note: This course assumes you are familiar with Process Modeling basics and how to create a layout using this library. To learn about Process Modeling, check out the course "Introduction to Process Modeling".