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Machine Tending using Different Libraries

This tutorial shows you how to configure a machine tending layout with stations from start to finish. You learn how to build a conveyor line that loops and carries trays with parts. You also learn how to use human and robot resources to pick and place parts. This lesson is recommended for users who want to build and simulate assembly lines.

Software Version: 4.1.1


  1. Configure Conveyor Loop
  2. Fill Line with Trays
  3. Add Branch to Loop
  4. Create Loading Station
  5. Add Another Branch
  6. Create Machine Station
  7. Create Unloading Station
  8. Exercise 1: Extend Conveyor Line
  9. Exercise 2: Add Another Loading Station
  10. Exercise 3: Reorganize Machine Station
  11. Exercise 4: Add Another Machine Station
  12. Exercise 5: Modify Unloading Station