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Machine Tending using Feeler Machines

This tutorial shows you how to configure a machine tending layout from start to finish. You learn how to use a feeder to create products, and use conveyors to transport those parts. You learn how to use components in the Machine Tending library with Feeler machines to simulate a machine process that uses robots.

Software Version: 4.1.1


  1. Find Conveyors Library
  2. Add conveyor
  3. Add Curve Conveyor
  4. Add Another Conveyor
  5. Add Shape Feeder
  6. Add More Conveyors
  7. Add Inlet
  8. Add Outlet
  9. Add Robot Manager
  10. Add Robot
  11. Add Gripper
  12. Add Feeler Machine
  13. Reposition Components
  14. Remotely Connect Components
  15. Add Another Machine
  16. Change Process Index
  17. Exercise 1: Add Fence
  18. Exercise 2: Record a Simulation
  19. Exercise 3: Exchange Robots
  20. Exercise 4: Add Human Resources