Import and Export Floorplans

Learn how to import and export 2D floorplans for building layouts in the 3D world.


Add a Gallery Menu

Learn how to create gallery/drop-down menus for Python add-ons.


Place Parts on Moving Objects

Learn how to teach a robot to pick moving parts and then place them on other moving objects.


Create and Edit Snippets

Learn how to create reusable code for Python scripts.


Record a Simulation as a Video

Learn how to record a simulation as a video as well as use a fly camera component and define the runtime of a simulation


Add and Edit Robot Variables

Learn how to add and edit local and global variables in a robot program using an Assign Variable statement.

Live Stream a Simulation

Live Stream a Simulation

Learn how to live stream a Visual Components 4.0 product on YouTube using OBS


Show Hidden Components

Learn how to quickly select and edit hidden components in the 3D world.


Record a Simulation as Animation

Learn how to record simulations as animations and then view them on a mobile device.


Navigation – Zoom mode

Learn how to use different modes for zooming the camera of the 3D world.


Visualization – View Editor

Learn how to create views of the 3D world and save them with a layout.


Navigation – View Selector

Learn how to navigate the 3D world using a view selector.