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Offline Programming with Stäubli Robots

Learn how to do offline programming with the Stäubli add-on by mapping a robot and its signals to a connected CS8 controller.

Module-1 (1)

Basics of Simulation

Module 1 for the Quick Start Guide of Visual Components 4.1 products.

Material Density Hero Image

Material Density

Learn how to affect the mass of a physical body by changing its density.

Linear and Angular Damping Hero Image

Linear and Angular Damping

Learn how to define the linear and angular damping of a physical body to minimize its movement.


Model an Articulated Robot

Learn how to model an articulated robot from imported geometry and run it through a series of tests.


Create a New Task in Works

Learn how to create new, custom tasks in the Works library.


Connect Interfaces

Learn how to physically and remotely connect components.


Static and Dynamic Friction

Learn how to define the coefficients of friction of a physical body and visualize the displacement of parts by sweeping geometry.


Animate Camera Movements

Learn how to create a program with Python API to move the camera of the 3D world during a simulation.


Manually Deactivate a Standalone License

Learn how to manually deactivate a standalone license.


Manually Upgrade an Evaluation License

Learn how to manually upgrade from an evaluation/trial license to a full license using standalone product keys.


Manually Activate a Standalone License

Learn how to manually activate a standalone license.