Record a Simulation as Animation

Learn how to record simulations as animations and then view them on a mobile device.


Navigation – Zoom mode

Learn how to use different modes for zooming the camera of the 3D world.


Visualization – View Editor

Learn how to create views of the 3D world and save them with a layout.


Navigation – View Selector

Learn how to navigate the 3D world using a view selector.


Selection – Nodes

Learn how to select nodes/links when modeling a component.

Teach a Define Tool Statement

Teach a Define Tool Statement

Learn how to edit the tool frames of a robot during a simulation.


Teach a Define Base Statement

Learn how to edit the base frames of a robot during a simulation.


Teach a Program Synchronize Statement

Learn how to synchronize robot programs during a simulation  


Control a Picker Robot

Learn how to teach a Delta robot to pick and place parts on the same conveyor using Python API.


Simulate a Depalletizing Operation

Learn how to teach a robot to pick parts from a pallet and place them on a conveyor using Python API.


Teach a Process Statement

Learn how to create and execute a process in a robot program.


Model a Parametric Conveyor

Learn how to model a parametric curve conveyor using primitive geometry. Recommended for users wanting to learn more about features, expressions, component properties and materials.