Getting Started

Simulations in Visual Components are produced using different features from the software. One highlight is the Process Modelling library, designed for factory simulation, very visually defining the processes for each product group along the production line.

Factory simulation layouts and related statistical data can later be exported for commercial or testing purposes to different supported file formats. Even though interacting with the User Interface is intuitive and graphical in Visual Components, learning the software’s basic controls is recommended to improve your performance, especially at the beginning.

In this course, you will learn the basics of navigation and selection in the 3D World. Moreover, you will get familiar with the layout configuration using Process Modeling and also save a 3D PDF template of the cell. You will learn how to prepare your customized 3D models for being used in the simulation environment (component modeling). The program tab will also be reviewed by creating a quick grasp-and-release robot program. You will also get instructions about the Help tab and its material for future references.


DURATION: 2 hours


The course is highly recommended for anyone who has just started using the program, from sales and marketing to technical profiles. You can complete the course using Visual Components Essentials, Professional or Premium.