Getting Started

What is 3D simulation and how does it work? In a nutshell, the basics of 3D simulation involve moving around and interacting with objects in a virtual environment. That is, your view is controlled by a camera, the objects or building blocks are called components, and you can save your work and the scene as a layout. The simulation itself are changes that occur in the environment over time. For example, components may move on their own, disappear, or dynamically create new components that are removed when a simulation is reset to its initial state when time is at zero. The concept of time is important because you do most of your work, for example building a layout, when a simulation is not running in the 3D world. A simulation can be recorded as a 3D PDF to provide a portable solution of how components in the 3D world change over time.

In this course you learn the basics of using a Visual Components 4.0 product.

DURATION: 1h 17min