KUKA.Sim AddOn Part 2 Configure KUKA SafeOperation


In this video you will learn how to configure KUKA SAFE Operation in Visual Components Premium with the KUKA.Sim AddOn. After setting up the Safe cell, Safe tool and the Safe spaces we will write a program. Then we will analyse the behaviour of the robot and Breaking Before Restricted Area (BBRA) using Tracing. And finaly we will export the project to KUKA WorkVisual.

This lesson enables you to save a lot of time by configuring KUKA SAFE Operation in Visual Components Premium before the commissioning phase on the real robot.

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DISCLAIMER: THIS Video of the configuration is not a substitute for the KUKA College course about SAFE Operation
Safe Operation Technology 3.x Safety Start-up | KUKA College


Software Version: 4.8.0 or higher
Product: Premium or Premium OLP

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